Testimonials from customers treated by our physio in Bourn, Cambridge

Some recent customer testimonials

  • "After nearly 8 months of GP, Chiropractor, Osteopath etc etc. she (Ellen) seems to have nailed it in about 3 minutes. I will obviously come back to her on this or any other issues, and will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I come across looking for a down to earth expert physio."

    R Kellock

    "Quite simply, the best physio I have ever been to. I have see many physios for a number of sports injuries over the last twenty years and your treatments are the most effective I have received. Ellen is a very experienced and effective practitioner and I recommend her treatments very highly"

    P Dunn

    "I found the acupuncture really helped ease my knee pain – having suffered with osteoarthritis for years the acupuncture helps keep me going better than any of the drugs I've had"

    S Slater

    "Highly highly recommended. I came to see OneBody Physiotherapy for back pain and the next day I had no pain. None. I haven't had that for years. I've seen physiotherapists, osteopaths and had sports massage but none were as effective. Thanks to OneBody Physiotherapy I am now pain free and have been given exercises to prevent the injury coming back"

    J Butler

    "The assessment was very thorough, they found the reason causing my problem as well as treating my immediate pain to prevent it from happening again"

    K Carver

  • "The core stability programme I was given to do at home alongside my treatment really helped my back pain, and my golf has improved as a result too!"

    B Campbell

    "The programming I had helped me train without any injuries, resulting in my successful completion of the Great North Run and the London marathon"

    S Rust

    "My wrist injury was preventing me from training and playing: the intensive treatment I received got me back to competing quickly"

    L Shadrack

    "I highly recommend OneBody, I use to have continual back/hamstring problems that effected my sport and training. Now I have no problems and can train without and pains or niggles. So if you are looking for someone to resolve your injuries or aches and pains then look no further than OneBody Physiotherapy"

    E Nichols

    "My neck pain was stopping me from working; the treatment I received, and the advice I was given on how to alter the way in which I was doing my job helped me to return to work and more importantly remain pain free"

    V Fairman-Smith

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